Austin Bullock

Music Video

I’m So Tired (Live) At Midway Cafe

Lauren and I cover I’m So Tired by The Beatles! This is from one of our first shows back post-covid at Midway Cafe on September 18, 2021. We have more music and more shows planned for this fall/winter 2022. It’s … Read More

Funky Ukulele

Messin’ around with some funky riffs on my cigar box ukulele. Gotta dust off those mental cobwebs whenever I can. Also no idea why I have to bite my tongue when playing but hey that’s how I do it.

Good things on the way

Been so busy lately but stay tuned because I have a lot of new music and videos on the way! A new EP from my project Lovely Apartment with Max Petersen , an album with Hands of Spite recorded at … Read More

On A Whim

On A Whim was on my first album back in 2018. This is a quick cut of the rhythm guitar on that song. Go listen to it so you can hear the full thing: ! That song includes one of … Read More

Pile of Cash

Playin through the chords/riff for my song Pile of Cash. It’s on my latest EP. You can find it on my website or anywhere you listen to music. Look it up y’all  

Episode 28 of Busking with Austin

Been a while since I put one of these out! Recorded one in my rehearsal space since it’s been freezin. I played A Well Respected Man by The Kinks. Super fun song from such a killer rock band. Enjoy!

Misplaced is out now!

Misplaced is out now everywhere! There are 3 new songs on this funky little EP for you to enjoy. Search my name wherever you listen to music or check out my website to hear it now.

Playing some Roger Miller in the Backyard

I was waiting for the grill to get going so I grabbed my guitar and covered Dang Me by Roger Miller. I just discovered his music this summer and he’s quickly become one of my favorite songwriters and performers. Do … Read More


Slothrust! Ever heard of em? I cover their song Crockpot in my latest video out of my rehearsal space in Pawtucket. Been spending a lot of time in there finishing up some new singles and a couple collab projects. Please … Read More

Human Magnets Out Now!

Human Magnets is out now! Listen on Spotify or check out the video below. Some summer shows will be announced shortly too. For now, enjoy the tunes…