Austin Bullock

Music Video

Busking on No Wrong by Bahamas

A new video is up and I covered No Wrong by Bahamas. I’ve been loving his music since I started diving into it a few years back. Check out his music, check out my music, and get some good energy … Read More

New Busking Video Coming This Week

A new busking video is coming out this week! It got warm enough to record a new one down by the docks and serenade the boat people. It’s either gonna be a cover of The Beatles or Bahamas. Whichever song … Read More

Last Video for Don’t Wake Me Up

The last video for my album Don’t Wake Me Up is out on youtube today. Keep on listening and in a few months there’ll be some new singles and collabs to listen to. I’ll be hunkering down over the next … Read More

How Could You?

More high-intensity video content hit the internet today. Check out my latest music video if you’d like to see what my living room looks like. Hooray DIY music!  

Circus Freak

Weeeeeeeeeeee! Keep listening

How do you do? Je Suis Á Vous

I put out a new video for the bluesy, lighthearted track “Je Suis Á Vous” on my latest album. Check it out on youtube! Or listen on Spotify.

Talk the Talk

New music video for Talk the Talk is up on youtube now. I ended up with a freaky video that matches the tone of this heavy, weird song. Go look up the latest album and if you like it, please … Read More


Thanks everybody for listening to the new album. If you enjoyed it, please tell your friends and spread it around! Here is a new video for the song (I Don’t Want) Another. More videos are on the way!


Evaporate! Oh no! The new album has been out for about a week. Thanks to all who’ve been listening. Keep rockin!

Playing on a Warm Winter Day

Had a warm winter day the other week so I got out there and played some songs. This video has my song Providence from my latest album Jubilate. It’s a heavier tune and this acoustic version is way way different … Read More