Austin Bullock

Album 7

Review of Welcome Home by LA On Lock

Got a nice review of my song Welcome Home from LA On Lock last week! Happy to know that “The rock Gods would be proud” as they put it. It’s a weird, funky song with a rockin’ outro. Definitely the … Read More

When Everything’s Gone

I’ve been all over the place the last couple months but I finally have the last clip from my album Fit In The Box, which dropped on March 29, out here on the internet. The song is When Everything’s Gone … Read More


Life’s been busy lately but it’s also been about a month and a half since my latest album dropped. Hope y’all have been digging it. If you haven’t had a chance to listen yet, maybe start with this song. Division … Read More

I Wanna Be A Product

What are you if you’re not a walking, talking product? Do what I’m doing right now and advertise yourself. Make some money dammit! And check out my tune I Wanna Be A Product while your at it. It captures the … Read More

Welcome Home

I landed on a great dimension. That might be my favorite lyric I wrote for Fit In The Box. Have ya listened yet? Check out to listen. If you dig it, tell a friend! I appreciate you.

Fit in the Box is out now!

FIT IN THE BOX is out now! Hit for links to listen. This clip is of the first song on the EP titled The Worst Question Is Why. If you like please share with a friend. Each song on … Read More

5 Years in the making

It’s been almost 5 years since I started producing my own music and putting it out there. This video clip is something I made for fun right before I started making my first album and next week I’ll be dropping … Read More

New Music Coming Out March 29th!

Ooo la la I have 5 new songs coming out at the end of this month. March 29th to be exact. Please take a moment to go follow Austin Bullock on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, or wherever you listen. … Read More

Good things on the way

Been so busy lately but stay tuned because I have a lot of new music and videos on the way! A new EP from my project Lovely Apartment with Max Petersen , an album with Hands of Spite recorded at … Read More