Austin Bullock

The Deli Magazine put up a review of Wasted 8!

The Deli Magazine was kind enough to do a review of my latest album Wasted 8. So stoked to be mentioned by such a big part of the indie music scene! Give it a read and go check them out because they post a lot of really great shit. Give my album a listen and tell your friends too

Here’s the review:

Rhode Island may be small, but it is big with talent, and that is evident in artists such as Austin Bullock, who detonates inside your speakers with sick bravado. The Providence resident recently released Wasted 8, an album that pays tribute to garage rock and all its gritty complexities and simplicities. Tracks like “Don’t Be Like That” are easy-going in the verses, featuring cheery acoustic guitar strums that slowly disappear into the distortion that permeates the choruses. “Halo” features a slow-slithering bassline underneath hot vocals and psych-tinged ambiances that anesthetize away worries. “Not for Sale” accelerates into a beautiful mix of ‘70s punk and early ‘00s revival: past meets present and it rocks. The record has fight in it and that we need right now indeed; stream “Not for Sale” below for a trip well worth the time. – Rene Cobar