Austin Bullock

Quarantine Jam and New Reviews

QUARANTINE JAM! I’m working on incorporating this funky keyboard into future performances (with myself on guitar and Lauren on drums of course). Hope ya like it.

Also, here are some new reviews of my latest album Wasted 8 from the past week.

Review of Part of Me by JanglePopHub

Guitar-pop, tinged with psyche and fuzz, whilst always being able to bounce out a tune with pop-rock melodies. Austin Bullock is just about the best new version of yesterday’s sound around right now.

Review of Don’t Be Like That by Velvety (Spanish)

Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, the American Austin Bullock has been perfecting his DIY rock proposal both on stage and in his home studio since 2018, in addition to being co-founder and guitarist of the band Binge Magick. In 2020 the artist acts as a duo with Lauren Boucher on drums and they have announced three albums over the course of the year. The first of them, Wasted 8 (2020), has just been released with songs as appetizing as Don’t Be Like That, a song that combines country and grunge with a playful lyric, contagious guitar riffs, and a spacey atmosphere. An interesting proposal full of talent…

Review of Waste Case by Direct Actu (France)

(Translate from French) We really liked the very DIY sound and the garage band style. The arrangements are efficient and dry, the title comes fairly quickly in mind!

The group promises 3 albums in 2020, let’s hope they manage to produce as much and that these releases will be received with sympathy.