Austin Bullock

Gigs and Reviews

Last night at The Jungle was a blast. Thanks for all who came, for John MacLean, Crushed Vinyl, and The Perfect Trip for playing, and for Tiny Oak for putting it on.

There are also a couple new reviews of my latest album out there! Part of Me was reviewed by Pretty in Noise and Don’t Quit Your Day Job was reviewed by Little Dose of Indie. Here are the blurbs:

Review of Don’t Quit Your Day Job by Little Dose Of Indie

The newest release from Austin Bullock brings authentic vocals and blazing guitars riffs, glowing bright against a smooth drum beat. FFO: Black Keys

Review of Part of Me written by Pretty In Noise

Attention retro fans! The new single of the American’s upcoming album uses scratchy guitars and wobbles somewhere between the 60s and 90s Britrock. Sounds indecisive at first, but it really fits quite well. Especially the rousing guitars, which are supported by a subtle bass. Wonderful!