Austin Bullock

New Band of the Day #214: Austin Bullock

Check out the review of my album by Overblown in the UK! Here’s a link:

Here’s the excerpt too:

Look at his big, happy indie rock shaped face? How could you not like that chap? Luckily, his music matches his pictorial enthusiasm. We’ve got two ones streaming here from Austin Bullock’s upcoming debut record Step 1 Explode. First up is ‘Never Mind’. A jaunty, jangly, and up beat number, the song shows Bullock’s knack for a melody and subtle production.

Following on from that is ‘Naive’. A fuzzier proposition, the track delves into a more foreboding atmosphere with nods to post punk and alt rock. It’s a bit of a jam.

Also, fun fact, when you Google ‘Austin Bullock’ you get the Bullock Texas State Museum in Austin. Lulz.