Austin Bullock

Read the review of Express Yourself With Dollar Bills by ComeHereFloyd

Kickin’ off the new year with a review of Express Yourself With Dollar Bills by the killer blog ComeHereFloyd (CHF)!

Here’s the excerpt of the review but please go to their site and check out the whole post. It features 5 up-and-coming indie musicians (including myself) and I’m so pumped to be included with these other talented artists!

“AUSTIN BULLOCK released his latest debut solo album ‘Step 1 Explode’ (available now). And off of that album, this little gem of a single named ‘Express Yourself With Dollar Bills’ lives within it. And with this, single, blues, rock, and an undaunted indie vibe is expressed to the fullest. First, listen to the solo. It’s glorious. The right amount of fuzz, tuned to the background of jammy riffs, dictate the face distorting pureness we feel listening to it. We just wanted more and more, and Austin’s going to make a mark in the industry. Refreshing and delightful, his EP is fabulous as well. Watch out world.”

And here’s a link to the song so you don’t have to go digging for it: