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June 17, 2023

Arlington Porchfest

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Life’s been busy lately but it’s also been about a month and a half since my latest album dropped. Hope y’all have been digging it....

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I Wanna Be A Product

What are you if you’re not a walking, talking product? Do what I’m doing right now and advertise yourself. Make some money dammit! And check...

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Welcome Home

I landed on a great dimension. That might be my favorite lyric I wrote for Fit In The Box. Have ya listened yet? Check out...

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Fit in the Box is out now!

FIT IN THE BOX is out now! Hit for links to listen. This clip is of the first song on the EP titled The...

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5 Years in the making

It’s been almost 5 years since I started producing my own music and putting it out there. This video clip is something I made for...

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Review of Don't Wake Me Up by MOTIF MAGAZINE

At the end of 2020, Providence-based multi-instrumentalist Austin Bullock dropped Don’t Wake Me Up, a satisfying collection of eight songs with wide-ranging influences.

All the songs feature smart arranging and superb guitar playing. He mixes a lot into the stew here, and all the parts are well fleshed out.


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